Physical Therapy

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants at Paramount strive to optimize patients’ recovery and well-being through the use of exercise, education, various therapeutic modalities and communication with other healthcare specialists.  This can include anything from teaching patients to walk again after an injury or helping to improve speed, strength or agility.

Paramount physical therapists and physical therapy assistants perform many different functions in order to optimize patients’ recovery.  For those patients with health problems resulting from injury or disease, the therapist assists in the rehabilitation process to reduce pain and increase strength, endurance and stability.  In addition to treatments given in the nursing facility, the therapist also must work hand in hand with the patient to develop a personal home therapy program for when they are no longer in the therapist’s care.  This is done to ensure that the healing process continues and that there is no future recurrence of the treated condition.  Physical therapists also play a large role in injury prevention.  Through education, they can help patients become fit and teach them how to avoid injuring themselves again in the future.

Among the treatments are:

*  Gait / Balance training

*  Cardiac conditioning

*  Strength training

*  Posture training

*  Wound care

*  Pain

*  Stroke

*  Joint replacements

*  Decreased function